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IntiChat is a social network site where you get paid! It is much like facebook, and it even has the much wanted dislike button!

Name of the site: IntiChat
Reward System: Activity Points & Mega Points
How to get Set up to Earn:  When you sign up to the site, there are a few things you need to do in order to start earning. You have to sign up as part of the profit share program, then you have to upload a profile picture, refer three people to the site that do not have your IP (ones with your IP can sign up but they won’t count towards you and will be made your friends automatically), and finally you have to earn 500 megapoints. Megapoints are the offers you can do, and truthfully getting to that 500 is very simple to do right now. Getting the first 400 is extremely simple, you go through the offers and find the ‘Like us on Facebook’  offer and the ‘Follow us on Twitter’ offer. The next 100 depends on what you want to do and when you sign up, I was able to be a beta tester for their new site for another 50 and then used randomly small offers on the other offer walls to get more points.  NOTE: When you are going through offers click on ‘complete this offer’ to be taken to another page to get full details on the offer. Once you have completed it, go back to the offer page and click on ‘I completed this offer’ that link will only appear after you have clicked on ‘complete this offer’ .
How to earn:  To put things simply, the point of this site is to use it as you would facebook. You have statuses, photos etc that you can post. Almost every action you perform will get you points including: commenting on statuses, posting on peoples walls, creating blog posts, uploading pictures, posting in the forum, and many many many more actions. With this site its best to explore it yourself to find what you like to do on it, after all its a site to have fun and talk to people on!  The activity points you get will help determine how much of Intichat’s profit share you get, other things that factor in are the amount of referrals you have and the amount of votes you give and are given. The vote system is one of the few things completely different from facebook, basically if you like something you give it a vote. I do not fully understand the system myself, but it seems that the votes partially help to determine you are posting useful stuff that people like and not just spamming it up. Either way votes are just something to keep in mind when posting.
Membership Program:  Profit Sharing members, and regular members which is decided when you sign up. Profit sharing are the only ones who make money for participating on the site.
Rewards you can get:  With activity points you get cash, through paypal, payzee, or even by a check in the mail with a minimum of $5 with all them. Payments will be on the 5th (Use to be on the 15th) and now have a 1 month lag, so what you earn in July will be paid in September if you make cashout. With megapoints you can get cash, or prizes that even include game systems and iPhones.
Referral system:  When a person signs up under your link choosing to be part of the profit sharing program and has completed 500+ megapoints you recieve $0.50 .
Countries That Can Use It: I believe all but I’m asking to make sure, will update this if there’s a change.
Pros: Easy to use site, great admins who help you out,  fun people, has a dislike button (I have to admit this is my favorite feature of the site), spam rules and a way to report people who are spamming you, so many more that I can’t possibly name them all.
Cons:  There is a glitch in the blocking system that allows people who are blocked to send you multiple friend requests HOWEVER this is being looked into to be fixed and may already be fixed.

My experience with the website: I joined intichat in the second month it was open, truth was I didn’t hold much hope for it because I usually can’t earn crap from social networks that pay because the amount of work it takes to earn. However after my first month of using it regularly I noticed something, I was almost halfway to cashout already! I continued working on the site, well not really working considering I was just chatting with people and talking to newbies to help them understand how the site works. After that month, I was at cashout!  When the 15th rolled around for me to get paid, I sadly noticed I didn’t get my payment while others had. I commented on the owners page asking for him to check into it, it was late Saturday night when I asked and he asked me to remind him on Monday. Considering it was a weekend I fully understood about it and waited till Monday to post a reminder, later that night I got an email from paypal confirming my payment. The admin works very hard to help the people on the site, which just makes me want to promote this site even more. Its an excellent site and I fully recommend it!

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AppDog is a bit of a unique app where instead of making cash, you make Facebook Credits which can help save you money if you buy Facebook Credits.

Name of the site: AppDog
Reward System: Bones (1o bones=1 Facebook credit)
How to earn:  AppDog  isn’t technically an app, its set up like App Redeem is where you bookmark a webpage to act as an app. When you go to the site and sign up, it will ask for an email or phone number for them to send the webpage you are suppose to bookmark, but it also gives the link at the bottom of the dialog box. Once you have the page bookmarked on your main screen so you won’t lose track of it, go to the site and log in with your Facebook account. After that, you are free to get as many credits as you want by downloading free apps, paid apps, or even doing some offers. For most of the apps you just have to download and open them once, then they will credit.  When you are ready to withdraw towards the top on the right side, there is a button that says ‘redeem bones’ click that and confirm your redemption. The credits will be there automatically, no waiting period.
Membership Program:  No membership program.
Rewards you can get:  Facebook credits
Referral system:  You can get 100 bones per referral who completes 1 offer or more, you just share the app with your friends  using the option towards the top of the screen.
Countries That Can Use It: US only.
Pros: Easy to use, lots of apps that are at least 10 bones, has a Facebook credit link so you can find out how many credits you have period, if an app doesn’t give the bones you earned then you can submit an email to report it.
Cons:  Can only refer people through Facebook friends list, not a regular app, have to be 18 years or older.

My experience with the website: I became addicted to a game on Facebook and there are bonuses I wanted to use that require Facebook credits but I didn’t want to spend money on such a silly thing! So I started searching around online last night, I found a few things that I started testing out right away. This was one of them, I liked how easy it was and after one download I had enough for a couple of credits so I tried to redeem. I immediately got my credits, even though it was after midnight when many sites will have a lag in delivering their prize. After getting my first prize, I’ve been downloading apps on and off today and have already earned almost 30 credits easily without many apps downloaded at all. I fully recommend this to all of you who are addicted to Facebook games like me!


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iRazoo is much like Gift Hulk ,  swagbucks, and bing, being a search engine based reward program with a other options of earning as well!

Name of the site: iRazoo
Reward System: Points
How to earn:  There are quite a few ways to earn on iRazoo, the first of course being their search engine. It works as the Gift Hulk and Swagbucks search engine works, you get a chance to win points when you search but there is no guarantee. There are also offer walls, however they are the same offers as many sites have so if you are doing multiple sites they won’t be as easy to earn on this site. They have just recently added a video section where you can get points for watching videos, however with it being new it often has glitches etc no doubt. Also you can get treasure codes, which are posted on their facebook page and are usually active for days on end.
Membership Program:  No membership program.
Rewards you can get:  There are several gift cards available,such as amazon, lowes, groupon, etc but none for paypal. There can be up to a 30 day waiting period.
Referral system:  When a person signs up under your link you and them both receive 50 points, and then you win matching points when they win in the search engine. There is a cap per friend, you can only win up to 3000 points per friend.
Countries That Can Use It: US, Canada, and UK.
Pros: For now at least when people post what searches they won with on facebook, you can often win as well. There’s a win history so you can see just what rewards you when you are doing offers etc. Admins are active on their facebook and will answer questions and tell offers that are crediting.
Cons:  iRazoo’s point system is a bit different then others far as the amount, when items on other stuff are 500 points they are 3000 on iRazoo the offers and such give more points to account for the larger number but the larger number makes earning seem to take longer. With the cap on the referral points you can only earn up to five bucks per referral. The extremely long waiting period can be very frustrating, it would be better if they had a set date but you just have to wait and see if you get it when they send out their giftcards and its said to take up to 30 days but there were reports before of it taking longer.

My experience with the website: I joined iRazoo when I started being active on Gift Hulk  again, but I wasn’t fully active on it until I had reached my reward on Gift Hulk so the time it took to earn enough for the gift card is a bit off but I believe it took about a month. As soon as I got  enough points I applied for an amazon giftcard, I then had to sit and wait staring at the facebook page for alerts when the were sending giftcards out. They were nice about things though, when I would ask how far up the gift cards had been sent out the first batch was from late April then up to early May. So they were nice with that at least. I applied for my card on May 9th, I got my giftcard on June 6th. They met their 30 day limit at least, but it was still frustrating. In my personal opinion if you are okay with long waits, I would say this is a good site to use for searches by just checking the facebook page and getting codes from there. Do the offers and such on another site, you’ll earn a lot more gift cards by doing that.

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Bing is much like Gift Hulk and  swagbucks, being a search engine based reward program with a few other options!

Name of the site: Bing
Reward System: Credits
How to earn:  There are a few ways to earn on the site, they are all simple and will always credit. When you first sign up with the site there will be several beginners tutorials you can go through to get credits, along with signing up with their newsletter etc. Also daily there will be a way to earn up to 13 points, though with the new bing coming through it looks like you will be able to earn at least 16 points.  When you open up bing you’ll see your points in the top corner, click on the arrow next to it and read the drop down box. It will tell you ways you can earn credits just click the side arrows to scroll through the options, one of them each day will be a task for 3 credits which you get just by clicking ‘Earn 3 credits’ and letting it take you to the page. When it loads the page you are going to, you will be credited with 3 credits easy as that. Bing also acts as a search and win site, though with this one is a guaranteed win, every other search will get you 1 credit for up to 10 credits daily. If you want to see your progress on that, it is also listed in one of the drop down boxes by your credit amount.
Membership Program:  Regular member, Silver member, Gold member. You get each membership as you accomplish things which is all listed on the membership page, Gold members get a discount on how many credits it takes to get a reward.
Rewards you can get:  You can get several rewards including gift cards for amazon, xbox live and starbucks.
Referral system:  You get 5 points for every referral you get, up to 5 referrals.
Countries That Can Use It: Looks like US only but I may be wrong.
Pros: Very easy to use! Pretty quick to build up t a gift card since you don’t spend much time on bing daily. Quick to send out rewards, doesn’t require referrals to be successful.
Cons:  Have to sign up with a hotmail account (at least you use to, I don’t know if you still have to or not) .

My experience with the website: I joined Bing a long long time ago, back when I wasn’t really interested in making money online, so when I saw a person mention it I went to check it out again. Turns out the points I had earned years and years ago were still active and made things a lot easier for me, since I had over 100 already. I’ve set bing as my homepage, that way I can easily do the 3 credit thing daily. I highly recommend using bing daily, its easy to use along with other search & win sites!


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Viggle ~ Get Paid To Watch TV!

Viggle is a revolutionary app where you get rewards just for watching tv!

Name of the site: Viggle
Reward System: Points
How to earn:  You have to have an iOS device or in the future, an android phone. Once you have signed up using the link above or this one, its time to download the app from the apple app store, and the future android store. Right now it is only available for the iOS devices, but they have said in the next month or so they will begin beta testing for the android so sign up now to get into beta testing! Once you have the app you can open it up and sign in, once you are signed in just go to ‘check in’. Have your TV on and tap in the center of the screen where it say s’tap here to check in’ . The app will listen to your tv for about 30 seconds and about 90% of the time it will identify what you are watching right away, if it doesn’t you can try checking in again. If the second check in does not work it will take you to a screen where you can type in what you are watching to check in. When it has the show you are watching click ‘confirm check in’ after that, you will see some options.  You can share your check in on twitter or facebook, to get a 5 point bonus. Also sometimes there will be an ad you can click on for bonus points, it will be the first option under the TV show image. Now for each regular show you get a point for every minute you watch, so a half hour show typically is about 27-29 minutes because they do not always count the commercials. After the show is done, just click back and you can check into the next show. Now if you want to earn points more points then what you would get from your regular shows, you can check into the featured shows which you can find by going to ‘whats on’ . On the featured shows there will be 20 screens that you can scroll through by swiping through them, a few of them will be ads you can watch for bonus points.  On each featured show you will see the amount of points you can get for checking in, the day its on, the time and the channel. You may notice that there are several shows on at the same time, don’t worry though because you can check into many shows in an hour and get full credit for them if they are featured shows. The only thing required is to be on the show for 10 minutes, after that you can check into another show. For example at 8 on thursday I can watch the first 10 minutes of The Office and get 225 points, then at 8:10 (Or preferably 8:15 to be safe) I can switch it to Grey’s Anatomy for 175 points, switch it at 8:30 to Swamp people for 125, and at 8:45 switch it to The Secret Circle for 150 points. In that hour I would earn 675 points in bonus, plus the roughly 60 minutes of points for watching tv AND if they have bonus point ads I can get up to another 50 per ad possibly. Ads range from 5-50 bonus points at this moment.
Membership Program:  None
Rewards you can get:  The types of awards you can get on the app keep changing, though some of the constant ones are free redbox rentals, fanatics gift card, starbucks gift card, papa johns, and more. You can even save up your points to get an 8 gb ipod touch or a kindle fire!

Referral system:  You get 200 points when a person checks in. It seems the referral system is relatively new and the points don’t get to you right away.
Countries That Can Use It: USA. I’m not sure about others, I will ask about it though!
Pros: Very easy to use! Get paid to watch tv! Rewards constantly updating, if one disappears it comes back up later on so just keep saving your points! You can easily make over a thousand points a day just by watching the primetime tv! Lots of options to cash in on, electric gift cards are sent right away!
Cons:  Sometimes it won’t pick u on what you are watching, especially if you are low on battery but after a second failed attempt it gives you a search bar to use to check in!

My experience with the website: I was very unsure of this when I signed up with it, I  saw it mentioned on a lens along with a lot of other ways to make money on a mobile. Even so I spent a few days checking in on my iPad thinking I would get a DVD rental from red box if it paid, then I happen to check the rewards one day and saw a new one they didn’t have before..a hot topic gift card! I immediately applied for that, I had to confirm my account through email and fill out my profile the rest of the way. When I had done that I clicked on redeem, a few seconds later my email was going off telling me I had a gift card code! I went to hot topic and immediately put in an order using my gift card code, and it was legit. I was paid for watching tv! This is the best app in the world! Its so much fun being paid to do something I do already! I fully recommend this to everyone!

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Viggle ~ Get Paid To Watch TV!

Gift Hulk

Gift Hulk

Gift Hulk is much like swagbucks, being a search engine based reward program with many other options!

Name of the site: Gift Hulk
Reward System: Hulk Coins
How to earn:  Many ways to earn on this program. The primary way is using their search engine, which you can access from their site or by downloading the toolbar to do your searching.  There are also offers you can do, many of them credit you for very easy work.  If you like the facebook page, you will be able to catch codes they randomly distribute on it for extra coins, PLUS you can post you gift hulk  payment proofs on it for an extra free 10 coins! A new thing they have introduced into the program as well is the ‘Treasure Box’. You get 5 keys daily to begin with,  if one of your keys open the box you get a prize! Prizes range from coins, to permanent keys (Example: win 1 permanent key, you get 6 daily instead of 5!), to boosts on offer awards, to even amazon gift cards! You can even play games on here to win points!
Membership Program:  None
Rewards you can get:  There’s a large variety of prizes available, amazon gift cards, paypal gift cards, video game giftcards, domain name registration cards and more! You can get anything you want on here practically. Rewards get sent out on Sundays. You will have to verify the first time you claim a prize, I chose to get a code on my cellphone.
Referral system:  When a person signs up under you, you get 20% from the offers they do, tasks, search wins, and treasure prizes! You also get a permanent key added onto the 5 you get daily for every referal!
Countries That Can Use It: USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland.
Pros: Very easy to use! Many offers that credit with quite a few board options (peanut labs is one of my favorite, I’ve used it for facebook credit offers. It will often have surveys that if you get past the preliminary questions it will still pay you a few coins, even if you can’t complete the survey.).  Many ways to earn and quickly, if you have problems they will try to help you!
Cons:  Toolbar is a bit glitchy but they are working to fix this. Support system on the site sometimes takes a bit to get replies, but they do work on the problems posted so this is a very minor thing even so if you post on the facebook page they can often help you right away.

My experience with the website: I joined this site a long time ago, and didn’t really do anything with it at all. However I’ve been getting random emails from them off and on lately, when the treasure box came out it and was talked about in an email it caught my eye.  In less then 2 weeks I made enough points to get a 5 dollar amazon giftcard, that’s with very few searches done and being very picky with what I sign up for on the offer wall. This is an EXCELLENT site to use and I fully recommend it to everyone!

Gift Hulk

Cash Texts

Cash Texts is a Multi-Level Marketing site where you earn cash for getting texts. I will explain below why you should stay away from this site.

Name of the site: Cash texts.
Reward System: Cash (and perk points as they add that in)
How to earn:   You earn by getting texts, regular cash texts get you $.05 a text WHEN you receive them which is rather rare right now. Perk points have just been added and basically its an ad revenue sharing process, you get a text share the offer and those who look at the offer earns you points.
Membership Program:  None
Rewards you can get:  Cash, but only on a debit card they provide.
Referral system:  Multi-level downline
Countries That Can Use It: US only I believe.
Pros: Cash for getting cell phone texts.
Cons:  Rare to get texts right now, have to apply for a debit card which requires giving out your SSN. ALSO! The admin seems to be EXTREMELY rude when people aren’t happy with the program. In the public (for the users anyway) forums a person posted that they were unhappy because their posts were deleted from the facebook and she was blocked from commenting, also she was unhappy because they require SSNs. Now granted she did not follow the facebook rules, which is no support questions there, but she still has a point with the SSN. The site is a relatively new one, I have only gotten one text in the 5 months I have been apart of it. That being said they are getting a TON of SSNs to give out the debit cards. It is required for them to get the SSNs but with such a small amount of texts going out right now, it leads one to believe it is a scam as the person said.  The admin,  VP of Sales came in and explained a few things to the person. It was okay, a bit blunt at times but it was relatively okay until the very end of the message they posted. ‘Anyone with any clue about this type of business works would read your post and understand just how smart or stupid you are. And you are free to leave at anytime. We wish you the best….’ Smart or stupid you are? That is NOT something you should say to one of your workers no matter what, I don’t care what kind of boss you are or what kind of job it is, that is harassment even if it is a low level of harassment. A few posts later the person this was directed at mentioned it wasn’t a good thing for the admin to say such things, to which the admin replied ‘A wise man once said that when you throw stones be prepared to have stones thrown at you in return. Look at the things you called us because you didn’t read the facebook page and follow the rules. You over reacted because our FB mods did what we told them to do. Doesn’t college teach people how to follow instructions?’ .  Now, all the person did was say it was a scam, which there are a warning flags that could easily point to the site being a scam. In fact the person said in their original post ‘I hope at least a few people see this before it is inevitably deleted.

I inquired earlier today about the need for a Social Security number in order to receive our prepaid cards. I did so on your Facebook page, and I was quickly removed from the page, had all of my comments erased, and when I re-liked the page I lost the ability to comment on anything on the page.

First: Why do you need my Social Security Number in order to mail me a pre-paid card?
Second: Why was this question so extreme an action that it required the question to be scrubbed clean of your page?
Third: How do you expect to stay afloat now that everyone knows (or will soon know) that you guys are a complete hoax?

Unless I get a proper response from a Moderator (the proper response being an actual response, and not a ban), I will spread the message that Cash Text is, indeed, a scam. I will do so through every outlet avaliable to me: Tumblr, Facebook, 4chan, Reddit, Twitter, Youtube, even informing federal authorities if need be. Others may be stupid enough to give you their social security number, but I am not.’

What this person was, was careful. Some people give their SSNs out at the drop of a hat but this person was more careful and did not trust the site as is their own choice.

My experience with the website: I have only received 5 cents so far because of one text back in February, I have my texts set for the max amount of time I can get them along with every topic they could come in about. Perhaps this site is not a scam, but it is not one I would trust. Why? Because of how the admin, the VP of Sales in fact treats the members.  I advise you all to stay away from this site, there are many more you can make more cash from that have admins in their forums that are not as rude and don’t require you to give out your SSN.

App Redeem

Find out how to install it here.

App Redeem is a special kind of site where you get paid for downloading iPad, iPhone and Android apps.

Name of the site: App Redeem
Reward System: Points
How to earn:   Once you have the app added, go to it and pick what apps you want to download. Under each image it will tell you if the app is free or if it will cost money to download. For full details check out the link at the top or bottom.
Membership Program:  None
Rewards you can get:  You get points which can be exchanged for several different things including Paypal, starbucks gift cards, best buy gift cards and more.
Referral system:  On the app there is a ‘bonus code’ section. If a person puts your nickname in there they will get  bonus points and so will you.
Countries That Can Use It: Far as I know all countries that have iPads etc? But I imagine this may be centered more towards US citizens.
Pros: Easy to use, very easy cash to get, some of the apps are really fun.
Cons:  Not a regular app, some apps don’t credit which I list in the lens linked above and below.


My experience with the website: I have had a great time using this app, I have already made over 10 dollars on this just for downloading apps to my iPad! I’ve also found some really fun ones that I got paid to download such as the free version of ‘Where’s My Water?’ . I highly recommend this for anyone who wants a bit of extra cash!

Find out how to install it here.

Just a quick note

For one thing, I am still working on sites its just going a bit slow right now sorry about that guys. But I have one thing to say…



Guess what people? They are bad. Guess what else? SOPA has been shelved so small victory with that. Guess what else?


Good day, do not support these bills but why be stupid about how you show your support against them?

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